Solar Generators

"Solar  generator", this is a new term for us here at North County Lawnmower. We have had our share of generator issues with people bringing them in for repairs, mostly during desperate times, like fire weather and Santa Anas. Generators are great for backup power when they are ready to run, but when they're not, it can be frustrating. We have tried to help customers get their generators running when in dire need, but with the lack of being able to hire knowledgeable mechanics in this new era, we think we have found a solution.

For the price of a good Honda generator you can purchase a 1500W Rich Solar (Bluetti) solar generator and a Rich Solar suitcase 200 watt solar panel. These products are new to us, but with California wanting to convert all small engine equipment to battery, we needed to find a solution to be able to charge them out in the field. These can be charged by up to 500 watts of solar panels or simply plugged into a wall socket. We have alredy tested these to charge tool batteries by plugging a Makita 2 port rapid charger, and a Stihl rapid charger with the largest hand held battery, at the same time. It worked great, and charged them up in about 30 minutes. We will probably expand this line in the future into home power alternatives. A lot of these solar generators are expandable by adding battery units. I really believe this is the future of emergency backup or off grid power supplies.